Creative Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard

Colorado offers an abundance of sunny days all year round – in fact, it’s one of the reasons many of us live in colorful Colorado! While we embrace glorious blue skies and sunshine, there are times when our landscape may need some shade to protect us from the intense UV rays.

From new landscape design options to simpler solutions, there are many options to get you outside and safely enjoying the Colorado weather in a shady backyard.

Add a Trellis

Do you have an existing outdoor structure or patio area where adding a trellis could help provide shade? Trellis or pre-made garden lattice can be made or bought and installed to a current structure or installed in the ground. Plant or attach the trellis in a location that will offer shade and add a climbing, flowering or leaf vine for beauty and color.

Plant a Tree

While trees can take years to fully mature, consider planting an older, larger or faster-growing tree species that will add shade to your outdoor area or patio sooner. Deciduous trees can let in winter sunshine or evergreens offer year-round greenery and protection. Be sure to think through the type of tree and avoid planting too close to a structure so the roots don’t cause damage.

Sail Away

Shade sails are readily available and offer a modern look to virtually all types of outdoor living areas! Choose between different shapes, colors, and sizes and customize your look to provide just where and when you need shade most. Consider how to safely install shade sails and be sure to make it easy for them to be removed when not needed or to protect from Colorado winds.

Awe with an Awning

Awnings add charm to any smaller patio or targeted space where you need shade. Classic styles, stripes, weather-proof materials, and automatic extending awnings are all available to offer shade both outdoors and can shade indoors by stopping sunlight from coming through windows or patio doors. Be sure to consider having an expert size and install your awning to avoid any potential damage to your home or outdoor structure.

Put Up the Umbrella

Don’t forget a simple, freestanding umbrella or larger, moveable umbrella as a shade option! Umbrellas are widely available and can provide “transportable” shade wherever you want to be in your Colorado yard. Select an umbrella with some weight or a weighted based to keep it secure and choose from the wide range of colors and fabric choices to reflect your personality.

Sophisticated Shade

If you’re looking for shade that adds beauty, permanence, and style to your home and outdoor living area, consider professional landscaping shade options. The Landscaping Company are the Colorado experts in designing shade choices that suit your budget and your style! Ideas are almost limitless and include pergolas, verandas, architectural elements, modern awnings and shade sail designs, trees and plantings, and much more!

Call The Landscaping Company at (303) 922-9889 or contact us online to explore what outdoor shade options are right for you and your home!