Let’s Get Cooking with Your Outdoor Kitchen

As every homeowner knows, when it’s time to entertain, you can expect guests to be hanging out in the kitchen. The heart of the home, the kitchen is warm, inviting, and buzzing with activity. But while the kitchen inside your house invites a gathering, just try to keep people away when you have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Outdoor kitchens are so popular in Colorado, and they can be designed, constructed, and used virtually year-round. By extending your living space, your new outdoor kitchen environment is an opportunity to add value, personality, functionality, and delight to your home and your life!

When it comes to creating your outdoor kitchen, The Landscaping Company is here to help. We offer extensive knowledge on what to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen to make the best use of space, what appliances and features will work to meet your goals, and the experience to build a high-quality kitchen to withstand Colorado’s changing seasons.

Outdoor Kitchen Options

Whether you know just what you want, or you are just getting underway with planning your outdoor kitchen, our expert team can help advise you on the full range of possibilities that can improve the outdoor cooking, dining, and living experience at your home.

  • Pizza ovens, built-in grills, fireplaces, and firepits
  • Outdoor kitchen barbecues and cooking areas
  • Outdoor-suitable appliances including stove, refrigerator, and grills
  • Kitchen cabinets, outdoor storage, work surfaces, and water supplies
  • Stone patios, eating areas, and seating spaces
  • Outdoor lighting and ambient lighting

Considerations for Outdoor Kitchens

As you let your dreams go wild in imagining your new outdoor kitchen, our team of experienced landscaping professionals can help advise what will work best in your space. Proper outdoor kitchen design and expert installation make for the best results!

  • Placement of the outdoor kitchen should consider easy access to the indoors, weather protection, good entertainment areas in the yard, and a safe distance from the house or other structures
  • Construction and design will include the selection of building materials including stonework, concrete, patio pavers, and more to optimize space, create functional zones and areas, and use colors to accentuate the environment.
  • Appliances and cooking methods should be chosen based on outdoor cooking and entertaining goals, plus safety considerations and budget.


Ready to get started creating your new outdoor kitchen? We are here to help! Check out our wide range of outdoor living and landscaping projects and call us at (303) 922-9889 or contact us online to get started!