Encouraging Hands-on Learning: How to Make Lawn Care Exciting to Kids

As you’re well aware, caring for your yard and garden means there is always something to do! Kids are natural helpers and gardening is a great opportunity to give them responsibilities while encouraging them to learn about the natural world.

Instill a sense of fun for kids in the garden with rewarding jobs, new ways to learn, and tasks they can call their own. By working with you in the yard, your kids will gain valuable hands-on learning and feel a sense of pride in the results!

Now’s the Time

Almost any age and ability of child can help out in the yard! If you’ve got a toddler or a preschooler, it’s time to simply get them accustomed to being outdoors, the feel of the grass, and joining you as you undertake simple gardening tasks. For school-age children, get them involved! They can take on basic chores like weeding and water or harvesting from the vegetable garden. Older kids can take on more responsibilities including raking or managing a compost pile. No matter the age, now’s the time to get your kid excited about the outdoors!

Tailor the Task

To keep your child interested in gardening or yard work, try to assign a task that can be completed in 30 minutes. Or consider splitting up jobs into 15-minute cycles where your kids rotate between activities. Keeping a job manageable and in line with ability helps them succeed by doing the job completely and correctly.

Perfect Projects

Be creative when you think of specific projects your kids can do in the garden! Consider giving your kid their own space in the yard or pots to grow plants, flowers or vegetables from seeds. Assign them a row in the vegetable garden that they get to plant, grow, and eat their results! Do you have wildlife in your areas? Think about projects that grow plants that provide shade or food for nearby birds or animals. Even having your child make a wind chime or decoration are ways to enjoy the outdoor world!

Garden Cycles

Talk to your children about the many cycles in the garden while you’re working together. Sharing how the garden and lawn grows, what stage it’s at in the particular season, when we feed and water plus why, and tips on how we care for our landscapes keeps them interested and engaged! Talk about how plants grow from seeds, the different environments they thrive in, watering and feeding, and options to compost them are fascinating concepts to kids and helps them understand the natural cycles.

No matter what ideas you come up with to encourage hands-on learning in your yard, your kids will be delighted to be part of the action and to help! If you think this is the year for a landscape upgrade, contact us! We are happy to discuss ideas and even get your children’s input on how best design your new, outdoor living space!