Top Three Best Practices to Follow When Planning Your Ideal Landscape Design

Denver Landscape DesignHave you been dreaming about the ideal outdoor environment for some time but, as you get close to the big project, you don’t know where to begin? It can be overwhelming thinking about the many elements that go into successful, functional, and beautiful landscape design.

We break it down for you:

Consider the Climate You Live In

Here in Colorado, the regional climate can vary widely. Higher altitudes, intense sunshine, strong winds, and inconsistent rainfall and precipitation can make it a challenge to plan out just the right landscaping approach.

As you start thinking about how your landscape design, become familiar with what types of plants and trees will work best. Visit the interactive USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine your zone that will help guide your thoughts on what plants will thrive in your yard.

Because of Colorado’s arid environment, also give thought to how it can be maintained to remain attractive while being sustainable and an environmentally friendly landscape. Consider any irrigation needs you will have, water conservation or xeriscape landscaping options, your approach to fertilizing and feeding your lawn and plants, and environmentally-friendly LED lighting designs to showcase your new outdoor space.

User-Friendly Design (aka Who is Actually Using it?)

While grand gardens, natural swimming pools, and sweeping lawns are beautiful design options to enjoy, be sure to give thought to who will be using your yard and how you want to use it – both now and in the future. Think about children, grandchildren, and pets that might use your yard. Are you looking forward to hosting parties and entertaining? Do you want to grow vegetables or are you looking for low maintenance? What kind of privacy options will you need?

Examining how you live your life, and how you want to experience your personal outdoor space, is important to align with your landscape design plans. Being realistic about how you plan to use your outdoor living areas, who you will be spending it with, and how much you’d like to spend on creating and maintaining this space will help ensure the process of landscape design will successfully meet your goals!

Landscape Design Cherry Hills VillageThoughts on Themes

Are you looking for a formal yard, wild cottage garden, or an area for contemplation and serenity? Are there specific types of plants and trees or colors and shapes that you prefer? What style of architecture is your home? Are you seeking curving geometry of pathways, patios, and water features? Or are you more interested in modern lines of pergolas, decks, seating areas, and contemporary outdoor kitchens?

While many people focus on the backyard for landscape ideas and projects, don’t forget the front! Beautiful walkways, fencing options, lighting, and plantings in the front yard can tie together your entire property and make a personal statement about you!

Creating new spaces and linking spaces can truly transform your outdoor living environment. Virtually any option can be created, but it’s essential to know your preferences before you begin the design process.

Bonus Tip: Partner with a Landscape Design Professional

While there are best practices that can help tie your landscape project together, consider partnering with a landscape design and installation professional for the very best results.

The Landscaping Company, based in Englewood, CO, has been transforming landscapes in the Front Range for more than 20 years! Using our many years of experience and knowledge of Colorado gardens can ensure you are correctly guided through the landscape design process to achieve the outdoor environment you’ve imagined without wasting time or money.

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