What are Paver Patios & Why are They So Popular?

Looking for ideas for a new patio, poolside area, driveway, or walkway? Or maybe your yard is looking tired, without design or you just need to define a space in your landscape? If so, you should consider pavers!

What are Pavers?

Backyard Landscape Design DenverPavers are a single unit or slab which, when designed and laid together in a pattern for a patio or driveway, create a beautiful and natural environment. Pavers can be made from precast concrete, which is part cement, aggregate, and rock material. Pavers are also available in natural stone, rock, and brick or cobblestone.

While you might find a limited selection at your local garden center or a large home improvement retailer, rest assured there are many more options available that offer beauty, color, and texture to any yard.

What are the Different Paver Types?

Brick is one of the most popular materials for patios, walkways, and garden edging. Brick can be placed either in a traditional layout or a modern design and offers a warm, rustic feel to a landscape.

Backyard Landscape Design Castle RockConcrete pavers are an alternative to poured concrete. Typically, more affordable than some stone or brick, concrete pavers are available in a range of colors and can be used almost anywhere. Concrete pavers come as interlocking pieces that are suitable for driveways or heavily used areas. Architectural slab pavers have no edge spacing and tend to be thinner so recommended for patios.

Natural stone pavers provide a wide range of durability, color, and style. Primarily cut from real rock, stone pavers like slate and marble can be more expensive, but the design options are almost limitless to create any garden style. Careful evaluation is needed on what kind of stone is best used for what type of landscape purpose.

Pavers also come with different surface textures and corner designs. Some have chiseled corners or edges that give a more distressed look, perhaps suitable for historical homes. Others have a cleaner edge that butts up neatly to the paver next to it.

Why are Pavers Popular?

Pavers are a terrific choice for patios and landscapes!

Almost any type of paver will be robust and durable to withstand traffic, wear, and weather. Patio pavers, especially brick and concrete, are low maintenance options that are easy to clean and are not slippery underfoot.

Pavers are easy to repair or replace should one crack or get damaged. Many pavers can be simply removed and replaced with a new one! The color and design choice of pavers will transform your garden and add an extra design element to your home.

Depending on the paver material you choose, pavers are an economical way to make an impact, define a space, and add character. With some knowledge and skill, pavers can be laid in a relatively short amount of time but transform an area fast!

Are you considering adding pavers to your patio, entranceway, walkway or garden? Contact us! We’re experts in designing, installing, and maintaining pavers to get the most distinctive look and quality installation possible. Our design and installation process ensures a solid and hard-wearing area that will be enjoyed for years to come.