Hardscaping, Xeriscaping, & Other Low Maintenance Landscaping Options for Colorado Yards

While most homeowners dream about lush gardens, flowering plants, mature trees, and year-round color, not many are looking for the hard work, cost, and time required to achieve these results. In fact, happy homeowners tend to strive for a beautiful garden that they can simply enjoy, year-round, with family and friends. Low maintenance gardening offers beautiful landscapes that work with Colorado seasons to deliver outstanding results with minimum effort.

The best Colorado landscapes embrace many different options to achieve an interesting, long-lasting, and enjoyable outdoor environment. Low maintenance landscaping includes a range of different options for Colorado gardeners!

Xeriscape Your Yard in Colorado

Whether you are looking to install a new landscape or retrofit an existing garden, consider xeriscaping it! The term xeriscaping originated in Colorado as a method to conserve water use.

Xeriscape can be incorporated throughout a yard or only in difficult areas that slope, offer no shade, or where water evaporation is high. Xeriscape plants, trees, and shrubbery can be beautiful, colorful, and provide interest in every Colorado season.

Hardscaping for the Best Low Maintenance Landscaping Option

Backyard Landscape Design, Denver, CONo matter what approach you take to achieving your low maintenance Colorado garden, add hardscaping! Not only will a spacious patio, deck, or porch provide you just the view you’re looking for your new yard, it will lower the maintenance needs of your outdoor environment and provide a purpose-built area for you to enjoy! Consider how you will use your Colorado garden and map out all the ideas for hardscape design options.

  • Pavers,
  • brick,
  • decorative stone,
  • stamped concrete,
  • And more!

Don’t forget to consider purpose-built pathways and entry walkways as part of your landscaping plan!


In planning your low maintenance lawn or garden, consider the many groundcover plants that are native to Colorado. Ground covers are low-growing plants that spread quickly. Perfect for hot, dry areas, ground cover plants can grow densely to suppress weed growth and not require mulching.

There are many sizes, shapes, and colors of groundcover plants making them perfect for garden beds, near borders, along slopes, or as part of a landscaped median area.

Add Interest with Low Maintenance Native Grasses

Not sure how to add drama and interest to your low maintenance landscape? Looking to remove lawn grass but not sure of an alternative? Consider ornamental grass! Colorado grasses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to beautify all landscape with a bold design.

Grasses usually require less water and maintenance but dry in the fall and winter to become beautiful shapes in the sunshine. Lower-height grasses and clover are available to replace or reduce the size of your thirsty lawn grass, too!

Best Use for Low Maintenance Perennial Flowers

Low maintenance perennial flowers are the perfect addition to your garden landscape. Many are cost effective and provide beautiful flowers without needing excessive attention. Creating a planting scheme that allows for blooms from different plants year round further accentuates the beauty in your yard with minimal effort. Make your low-maintenance flower beds stand out with quality mulch or rockery that will help retain moisture, block weeds, and reduce your gardening chores.

Wise Watering with Smart Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System & Irrigation System Services for Homes in the Denver Metro AreaThe most robust and long-lasting landscapes benefit from smart irrigation systems. Using the right irrigation technologies, you can reduce your water usage, lower time spent maintaining your garden, and save money. Grass, flower, and tree watering can take up a lot of time and effort. Professionally designed, installed, and maintained irrigation systems are a great, long-term investment for you and your yard.

If you’re interested in exploring low maintenance, native plants, unique accents, smart irrigation, and innovative yards at your home, contact us! We are experts in the many landscaping options available that will allow you to enjoy your Colorado yard no matter what level of work you put in!