Why Patios and Walkways Should be in Your Custom Landscape Project

There are many elements to a successful landscape project. While most people think of lawns, trees, and hedges in landscaping, true landscape design incorporates other essential aspects that create a beautiful and relaxing environment outdoors.

Hardscape, such as walkways and patios, are a must in your custom landscape project as they offer so much more than simply a place to sit or stride – they provide functionality, personality, and value!

Functional Space

All landscape design should first answer the question: how will this space be used?

This issue is especially appropriate for patios and walkways as there a many possible locations, styles, and uses for each of these assets.

  • Denver Landscape Construction ServicesPaved areas can certainly host family dinners and parties but have you thought about a patio as a place to watch the stars, read a book or work from home? Will you want to enjoy your patio in all seasons or just during spring and summer? Does the patio need a cover or special lighting?
  • What about walkways? Consider where you want to go and how you want to lead guests. Is the walkway to your entrance safe, well lit, and attractive? Are there areas in the yard being worn down without a walkway that would benefit from a purpose-built path?

Plan your hardscape patio and walkway by stretching your imagination as to how it will be used. From there, think about the number of locations they could be located in your yard and choose the best to accommodate your wishes. Patios and paved walkways offer almost unlimited potential!

Personality Types

Walkways and patios can be created to reflect your style and the character of your home.

Englewood Landscaping CompanyDo you prefer order and modern design? Think about adding straight lined walkways and patios with clean, defined edging. Is a more natural and creative space what you’re looking for? Consider curved, flowing paths and soft edges around your patio. Either way, each can be made more beautiful with suitable plantings, year-round greenery or water features.

Are you hoping for a large, grand patio that will accommodate a big family or large outdoor gathering? Looking for shading and color as guests walk to your front door? Your custom landscape project should include consideration of form and shape of all elements to bring out your personality.

Create color and texture by choosing unique stones, pavers, rockery or stamped concrete for your custom project. There are many options for materials for both patios and walkways that will give you the chance to bring your yard to life!

Growing Value

Including a patio and walkway into your custom landscape project will deliver value to your home and your everyday life. These assets offer natural environments to relax, provide additional dining areas and options, open up new spaces in your garden, and expand your living area over all.

Stone walkways and unique patio designs will increase the value of your home and add to its beauty.

Backyard Landscaping Castle RockAs part of a custom landscape project, patio and walkway design become part of an overall design for your home that is coordinated to bring out the attractiveness of unique features. Adding lighting and illumination will further increase value and enhance all the landscape elements, plus increase safety for walkways and add ambient lighting to gatherings on the patio.

With proper design and professional installation, your walkway and patio will also provide durability, stability, and safety for you and your family.

For your custom landscape project, you’ll be glad you incorporated all aspects of design including walkways and patios. To get started, contact us! We are professionals in every area of landscape design, installation, and maintenance!